SUSTAINABLE• NATURAL• BEAUTIFUL Thank you for your interest in Jodi Rosano Designs. This western, bohemian style jewelry is handmade, designed and constructed by Jodi in her Southern California studio. Each piece includes some form of shed antler which has been hand picked from fields, ranches and farms. The antlers are first cut then tumbled, sanded or polished, depending on the style of the piece, then incorporated into one of her handmade pieces.

The term "shed antler" means the antler comes off naturally in the wild. Deer, moose and elk shed their antlers every year and grow them back as quickly as one inch per day- making this beautiful animal bi-product a sustainable, natural material to use in all kinds of artistic mediums! Farmers and ranchers are quick to get rid of shed antlers because they can get caught in their farming machinery, and often cause their livestock injury when trampled. For some, shed antlers are a nuisance, but for others they are one of Mother Nature's most beautiful gifts.

Not only does Jodi's jewelry incorporate something reusable from nature, her pieces also contain other interesting findings such as crystals, leather, shell, and an array of semi-precious stones. The unusual combination of crystals, leather and antler has led to her signature style description - "Glamour comes to the Ranch".

No matter what your style; on the ranch, at the ball or mommy on the go- This is a jewelry line that will go with any wardrobe! Twenty-somethings to grandmothers wear it with pride... Take a look. There is something for everyone. Happily handmade in America!